Heart Failure Practice Guideline Key Recommendations Slide Set

This set of core slides, based on the 2010 HFSA Comprehensive Heart Failure Practice Guideline (JCF 2010;16:475-539), has been developed as a resource for speakers. The set includes 52 slides of selected key recommendations and slides of studies supporting those recommendations. When selecting slides from this set to use in oral presentations, the audience needs and time constraints should be considered.

The slides are designed to move recommendations into the realm of practice. Some recommendations have been shortened or combined to more clearly emphasize clinical points. Program notes have been included with these particular slides. Please visit Recommendation Slide Sets Page to view or download slides of the actual recommendations. If using this set, familiarity with the actual recommendations from the published document is highly recommended.

This slide set of key recommendations was developed by the Education Committee of the HFSA. Disclosure information for all committee members who contributed is on file at HFSA.