Are Casinos Legal in India?

The world is slowly, but definitely moving towards a liberal viewpoint when it comes to games of ‘skill’. However, Indian gd toto 4d gambling and online gaming laws are still archaic. The government has not put forth any dedicated gambling laws.

The age-old debate about which form of gambling should or should not be legal continues. Yet, it is pretty evident that Indians love to gamble. According to a recent report by the International Centre for Sports Security (ICSS), the betting market in India is approximately worth over US$130 billion!

Is Gambling Legal In India?

This is a challenging question. The Indian government’s outlook towards betting and gambling remains unclear. Some of the sports enjoy complete approval from the authorities while others (though sharing the exact same characteristics) are entirely banned.

Rummy and Horse racing are considered as games of skill and are free to bet on, while cricket and poker do not enjoy the same status in the eyes of Indian lawmakers.

Games You Can Legally Bet On

Gone are those days when one could freely participate in Matka gambling in India. Nowadays, you can bet on a few sports and games only, and that too in particular states. At present, horse racing, online rummy, lottery, online poker, and a few casinos are legal.

Why Are There Different Laws Concerning Gambling In India?

If you have noticed, different states have different gambling laws, even though there are centralised acts in place. So, why do gambling and betting laws differ from state to state?

The Seventh Schedule of the Indian Constitution explicitly gives states the right to make policies related to “gambling and betting”. It is quite evident in the Seventh Schedule Entry 34 List II, which says states could legalise gambling if they want to.

Every state government is free to legislate as well as enact gambling laws as per their preference. Moreover, the Central Government cannot intervene in the state proceedings. Today, most Indian states have ruled against gambling, while 13 states have legalised lottery, and two states (Goa and Sikkim) have legalised many forms of gambling. With a country as vast as India and 29 separate states, you can imagine the difference in gambling laws. Let us look at the gambling laws of Goa and Sikkim:

Gambling Laws in Goa

Goa made two amendments to the Goa, Daman and Diu Public Gambling Act, 1976 and legalised some forms of gambling.

Gambling Laws in Sikkim

Sikkim is the second Indian state that has legalised gambling. Sikkim also is the first Indian State to legalise internet gambling.