Biggest Casino Scams

Since the beginning of Victory996 casinos, there have always been people who want to find a way to beat them. Some of these people have gone to great lengths to pull off complicated cheats.

  1. New York Roulette Ring– In 2012, casinos in Ohio were invaded by a crime ring. The group consisted of about 50-70 people. In the scam, the players entered the game with really low bets. They secretly pocketed specific coloured chips when another player distracted the dealer. The first player would then excuse himself from the table and quietly pass along the chips to another member of the group. The second member would then hit another table, assign a higher value to the chip’s colour, and cash out at the new rate. They were found pulling the scheme in four Ohio cities. Four of the men were arrested and pled guilty, but it is reported that more were involved. The commissioner estimated that the group was able to pick up $1,000-$2,000 per scam during their Ohio rounds.
  2. The Roselli Brothers – From 1995 to 2000, two scam artists who called themselves “the Roselli Brothers” obtained over $37 million from casinos in Nevada, New Jersey and Puerto Rico without spending anything. To pull off the scam, the brothers hired a hacker to hack data from credit systems and search for people with excellent credit. Accounts were opened in these names, and they received credit lines with all significant casinos in six months. They ran their scam through many casinos in one night before collecting their winnings and disappearing forever. It was discovered that the real Roselli brothers had died many years ago. The identity of the scammers is still unknown.
  3. 60-Second ATM Scam – Not all scams take place at the tables. Sometimes, you just need a debit card to steal from the most prominent casinos. In 2012, 14 people were charged with theft of over $1 million using casino kiosks in Nevada and California. The scam was exploiting a gap in the kiosk security which allowed multiple unrecorded withdrawals within a 60-second window. They were comped for food, drink and rooms during their scam and did not pay for a single thing.
  4. Australian Danny Ocean –In 2013, a man stole $33 million AUD from the Crown Casino in Melbourne after hacking into the surveillance system. The hunt continues for the man’s identity. The casino did not reveal details about how the scheme was carried out. However, a Las Vegas casino consultant has deduced how it was carried out. He suspected that the player had an earpiece on and was playing at the VIP tables, while another member surveyed the surveillance footage from a safe location. The accomplice then suggested what bets 4d number check and plays to throw for maximum profit.